George Seaton
[January 30, 1933-April(?), 1933]
was the first Lone Ranger. Later went on to much greater fame. Wrote and directed the Christmas classic "Miracle on 34th Street."

Jack Deeds
[April (?), 1933-April, 1933]
was the second, but played only two episodes. Nothing is known about him.

Earle Graser
[April 16, 1933-April, 1941]
Mild-mannered and educated, Graser didn't look the part, but his voice certainly cut it. His "Hi-Yo, Silver! Away" was used throughout the rest of the radio series and on the television series. Tragically, Graser fell asleep behind the wheel after leaving work and was killed. The irony of him having voiced many a plea to children to join the Lone Ranger Safety Club was not lost on the press.
Brace Beemer
[April, 1941-September 3, 1954]
The more famous of the radio Rangers, mostly due to his playing it longer than anyone else. Beemer had been narrator on the show back in 1933. His voice was so identified with the role, that Clayton Moore imitated his speech patterns in the early episodes of the television series.
John Todd ("Tonto")
[January 30, 1933-September 3, 1954]
Already an older man when he began the role, Todd was elderly by the end of the series, some 21 years later.
Lee Powell
["The Lone Ranger" 1938]
Powell was killed in action in the Pacific in 1944.
Robert Livingston
["The Lone Ranger Rides Again" 1939]
Famous as one of the "Three "Mesquiteers."
Chief Thunder-Cloud ("Tonto")
["The Lone Ranger" and "The Lone Ranger Rides Again" 1938-1939]
Clayton Moore
["The Lone Ranger" television series 1949-50, 54-57, "The Lone Ranger" feature 1956, "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" feature, 1958]
John Hart["The Lone Ranger" television series 1951-52]
Jay Silverheels ("Tonto")
["The Lone Ranger" television series 1949-1957, "The Lone Ranger" feature 1956, "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" feature 1958]

Klinton Spillsbury
["The Legend of the Lone Ranger" feature 1981]
Not the most inspiring of the Rangers. His voice was deemed not heroic enough and his lines were dubbed by "Mike Hammer" star Stacy Keach's brother James. (Thanks to all those who e-mailed me that it was Keach's brother, not Keach himself!)

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