A fiery horse
with a speed of light,
A cloud of dust,
and a hearty

The Lone Ranger Rides Again!

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legend of the Lone Ranger and
Tonto alive.

No matter if I live to be a hundred, there’ll never be a time when hearing those first few blasts of brass of the William Tell Overture won't take me back to my childhood. To a simpler time when I believed that there was a man who, with his Indian companion, was out there righting all the wrongs and teaching villains that greed and prejudice will fall before justice in the end.

In a time when our society desparately needs heroes, I wish he was out there still. But, until somebody wises up and brings back the masked rider of the plains, I’ll have to settle for this page.

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The Legend of
the Lone Ranger

The Ranger's origin.
Hi-Yo, Silver!

The story of the early days.
The Lone Ranger

First celluloid adventures.
Who Was That
Masked Man?

The actors who donned the mask.
The Lone Ranger

Answers. Answers. Answers.
The Lone Ranger

Words to Live By.
The Lone Ranger
TV Theme

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Silver Bullet
Awarded Sites!

Links to great LR pages! Updated!

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